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Leading the Way

Professional money managers have long had access to private real estate investments. This provides them an efficient way to access the stable income and tax-efficient returns of commercial real estate investments.

But most individuals don’t usually have that same access. And private real estate investing can be intimidating:

  • Steep management fees can eat into your returns
  • Reporting can be difficult to understand
  • Managers may not have time for you if you don’t run a big pension fund.

Are you taking more risk than you need to?

With the US stock market in the 11th year of record bull market, you may be looking for options to diversify your portfolio. That’s smart, because in the quest for returns, many investors (and their advisors) often try to reach too far. While occasionally that risk can pay off, many times it can result in periodic large drawdowns, which can be painful. Think back to 2008. Did anyone you know escape financially unscathed from the Global Financial Crisis?

We believe there’s a better way to build wealth.

  • Instead, use the power of compounding instead of more risk
  • Take advantage of available tax benefits
  • Grow your wealth in a sustainable manner

This allows you to help balance the dramatic ups and downs of the stock market. While real estate of course is not immune from recession, certain types of commercial real estate is generally more recession-resilient.

That’s why commercial real estate has been a part of most professional money manager’s portfolios for decades.

Are you in balance?

Typically, financial advisors steer their individual clients into primarily stocks and bonds. But stocks bring volatility. And with interest rates lingering near generational lows, bonds are not necessarily the effective option they used to be.

So what are the ultra and very high-net worth families and institutional investors doing to diversify their portfolios?

Estimated very HNW individuals’ allocation to real estate1
Institutional investor recommended allocation to real estate2
10 to 20%
  1. Source: Tiger 21 report, 2018, reflecting investors with >$10 million invested.
  2. Source: INREV, Investors set to increase allocations to real estate in 2018

A Recession-Resilient Approach

At Light Tower, we’re unique because we focus on recession-resilient property classes such as multi-family housing and self-storage.

While of course no assets can provide complete protection from economic conditions, many of these property classes have shown better resilience through past recessions.

When stock market averages eventually revert to the mean, certain commercial real estate opportunities can help balance your holdings.
Projects are specifically chosen to help provide stable returns regardless of stock market fluctuations.
This approach helps you diversify your financial life and generate stable, tax efficient income so you can achieve your goals, and sleep well at night. All without the headaches of being a landlord or property manager.

Investor First Philosophy

Real estate is not for those seeking the quick home run. For best results, it requires a commitment of time, so you can realize the benefits of compounding returns. That’s why at Light Tower, we strive to build long-term relationships with investors. As an investor, you’re our partner and we take that very seriously.

As part of our commitment, you can expect:
  • Proactive communication so you always feel informed. And we know you’re busy, so we’re good at communicating in plain language, not jargon.
  • Ensuring an innovative fee schedule that creates a win/win situation for everyone. Focus on keeping more of your money working for you than in traditional private real estate investment funds.
  • Requiring a professional third-party administrator who provides checks and balances for investors. This also allows the operational team to focus on what they do best.
  • A professional third-party administrator who provides checks and balances for investors. This also frees up the operational team to focus on what we do best.
  • If you call or email, you can always expect a very prompt response.

Our Experience

At Light Tower, we believe in the power of specialization. Focusing on markets and product types we know well has the ability to achieve more consistent results.

Our experience includes:

  • A focus on recession-resilient property types
  • Primarily pursuing the geographical markets that we know well
  • Being selective and finding opportunities where we can add measurable value.
  • Maximizing today’s best data sources and software tools to help us analyze each project we consider
  • Capitalizing on tax benefits (such as Opportunity Zones)

We use a disciplined process that is designed to minimize risk and generate above market after-tax returns.

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