Why Light Tower?

The Right Investments at the Right Time

  • After a record run in US stocks, many investors are looking to downshift their risk levels. For professional and institutional investors, this often means adding more income-generating commercial real estate to portfolios.
  • As an individual, however, it’s not that easy to add this asset class. Who has the time to research, acquire, manage and maintain commercial rental property?
  • That’s where private real estate firms can simplify your life. But, how do you know which company to partner with?
  • It’s a long term investment, so you have to choose carefully.
Is the firm structured to work with individuals, or will you struggle to get answers because you’re not a pension fund or institutional investor?
Does the fund voluntarily provide audited financials, so you can trust that the numbers you see on reports?
Are there other safeguards such as a third party, independent administrator to serve as a check and balance for investors?
Are the fees reasonable, or will your returns be eaten up by high management fees?

It’s a long term investment, so you have to choose carefully.

Many of the private real estate firms are oriented to serve large investors, so can’t always provide you with the answers you want to hear.
We founded Light Tower to provide you with a better choice.

Private Real Estate Investing Designed for You

At Light Tower, we specialize in providing access to private commercial real estate investments directly to high income professionals and business owners.

Is that a good business model? With many repeat investors and investor referrals, we believe the results speak for themselves.

What you can expect:

What you won’t find here:

Time tested, recession resilient strategies
Cutting-edge, high-risk projects
Projects that strive to pay stable quarterly income
Risky projects without stable income prospects
Transparency including audited financials
Lack of clear reporting
Management by experts with experience in the project type and location
Management by generalists without specific focus
Efforts to gain additional return by taking advantage of tax benefits
Efforts to gain additional return by taking extra risk
A firm that works with many physicians, business owners and executives so we’re already familiar with many of your goals and concerns.
A firm who caters primarily to institutions, with individuals getting less attention
Your calls and emails returned within 24 hours
Difficult to get your phone call returned

Our mission: Tax-advantaged, stable returns that enable you to sleep soundly at night.

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